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Rave With Mother: Hampshire Police Attacked On Night Of The Living Dead

by | 18th, November 2013


CAN we agree whose side we are on in this story from Beacon Hill, Highclere, in Hampshire?

Around midnight last Saturday, police rocked up to a rave. 

Some of the revellers threw things at Hampshire and Thames Valley Police’s finest. A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman tells us: “Officers were subjected to violence, including missiles thrown at them, which resulted in six officers sustaining non-serious injuries. It is believed between about 80 and 100 people attended the illegal event. We will continue to take every measure possible to prevent any such illegal music events from happening… in the future.”

Music events should all be legal and policed and licensed. Say no to spontaneity. Like Glastonbury, music should be policed and made reassuringly expensive to keep the riff-raff out.

At this hoedown, a man, aged 23, and a woman, 29, were arrested on suspicion of organising the unlicensed event. She was allegedly in possession of class B drugs.

That things got thrown and police injured is not good, of course. But that’s kids, for you. They can be irresponsible.

This is not an isolate policer raid but the latest episode in the force’s Operation Enigma to stop unlicensed music events. Yeah, Enigma, the name of a Elgar’s musical Variations and the Enigma machine, the cracking of which helped win the war. How very grand the police are. Very grand, indeed. As the Daily Mirror writes:

Police officers attacked breaking up illegal rave near Downton Abbey castle

That’s Highclere Castle where they film the ITV soap.

The police heralded their purge on music by stating: “Unlicensed music events are not harmless. They affect communities and have a negative impact on the environment and nearby wildlife. We also find that drug use is widespread and it may be only a matter of time before someone dies as a result.”

If the Boys in Blue don’t get you, the Green Police will. You need to conform, kids. That way leads to real, meaningful, sanctioned fun. Pay up.

In September, the Basingstoke Gazette reported:

…during 2013, a total of just 12 reported raves have taken place across the two counties, compared with 22 in 2012. Superintendent James Fulton, the force lead for Operation Enigma, said: “Since the launch of the operation, our officers have taken a robust approach when confronted with unlicensed music events. As a result, it is encouraging to know that the number of raves taking place in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight has nearly halved when compared with 2012. It’s even more pleasing when you take into account the good weather that we’ve all enjoyed in recent months.”

What has been done with these hardened criminals?

Three arrests were made across the year, with two people cautioned for carrying out an unauthorised licensable activity contrary to section 136 of the Licensing Act 2003 and one individual charged with obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty.

On the Force’s Facebook page, comments are lively:

Craig Yeti Lennard Kill joys lol
Hemmy Jay thats harsh not hurting a soul
Will Weynberg Thanks for keeping real crime in check
Fern Marshall They had missiles, harmed the police and there were drugs. Rave or no rave, the police are doing their job and being harmed.
Tina Hills well done to the police on stopping this illegal event
Sean Caddy Six officers were injured and this is considered by some by the comments above “harming no one” “not hurting a soul” come on guys think about it well done Hampshire police I say
Natasha Wheeler Make them legal!! Rave in a field never harmed no1
Peter ‘Pedro’ Down Really??Well let’s hope no one breaks into your house while they’re using up 2 police forces stopping some music

Stephen Webb “Police get harmed in ‘trying to stop people having fun’ Shocker”

Cliff Emmans I know Beacon Hill area well and there is no houses anywhere near there apart from Highclere Castle(where Downton Abbey is filmed)so it must of been them that
Karen Smith-Anscombe well done HC

Hannah Turl Was Goldsmith Morons!!!!! Illegal rave!means against the law, assaulting police officers, against the law and harming others! Drug dealing and drug consumption also illegal!! Grow up people laws are there for a reason!! And if all you people are on this site to become keyboard warriors because you are actually anti police and laws! Then why not unlike the page so the rest of us don’t have to read such pathetic comments!!

Peter ‘Pedro’ Down How would you feel though Hannah, if you needed police attention because of whatever reason but unfortunately, they’re none available because they’re stopping a music event that’s hurting no one… And who are u? The Facebook police? We can say what we want, we’re aloud an opinion.. So jog on

Paul Petty All fun and games until one of your youngsters takes some illegal drug or legal high and dies

Thomas Whitman We can only hope that when you have children, you will bring them up to respect other peoples property and to respect the law. Sadly apart from a couple of comments on here I am not holding my breath!!!!

Marcus Dja Illegal raves are what create music scenes and followings. These gatherings are normally where the true lovers ( of said music genre ) meet because of the complete lack of scene locally.

Charly Mchugh What’s so illegal about a few people getting together and enjoying some music I mean even simplistic tribe people in 3rd world countries enjoy group appreciation of song and dance and togetherness quite sad that this is either banned and illegal in our country or Ud have to pay an arm and a leg just to be able to do that in the ‘legal’ way. No wonder why everyone’s got problems these days when people are made to feel like criminals for wanting to come together n laugh and dance n enjoy yourselves. Pity.

 Adam Jerrett Just more freedoms being taken away. What if the police were just there to monitor it and make sure it didn’t get out of hand. That would be ok, its only because they tried to stop it prematurely that they got things thrown at them. Im not saying that its ok to throw things at the police but maybe just let the rave end then send everyone home.

John Hyde Spare the rod and spoil the child!

Joanne Sturmey What part of ‘illegal’ do you not understand?! The Police are not kill-joys and it was your children being enticed to go to these places or your gardens being destroyed or you having to pay to have graffiti removed from walls you’d be singing a different song.

Chris Da Nev Riddell Why don’t they police these events and work with organisers to make sure everyone has an enjoyable,safe night….actually what am I going on about it would take the fun right out of an illegal rave lol carry on partying people don’t let the raves become a thing of the past
Charly Mchugh The organizers are probably people who live laugh and love music they don’t want the people who come to their organized events to be drugged up underage teens they want people to enjoy their gift and appreciate it but if there are some people who have chosen to bring drugs how is that their fault this is a free world maybe u shud have brought ur children up better if u can’t trust them to go to a party with out taking drugs! Thats insane to say that, that’s like saying every pub and club owner in the country is a drugs pusher haha jus because people do It there doesn’t mean they forced them and I’m pretty sure drugs and partys alike have been around for centuries this isn’t some new craze people get over it! Back then the police were probably invite and get out there work uniform ready for a good night out with some chums lol
Michel de Chivre Now we can sleep safe in our beds at night without having to worry that someone is having more fun than us
Darren Bartlett My god they broke up an illegal rave ! they can’t even break up all the little crack dealers and runners on our estate ! but because and misses pinot grigio in surrey heard that some people were having an illegal rave thought someone might be near them on an income of less than 50000 a year they went into meltdown !!! as for lots of drunk people fighting if there fighting amonst there selves and they hurt each other who cares ! take a look at your sons and daughters surrey coz I bet a a quid that 50 percent of your kids are on drugs of some kind !
So. Whose side are you on?

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