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The Twitter Interview For Your Next Job

by | 19th, November 2013

HMM, given the way that I eff and blind on Twitter this isn’t going to be good news for me next time I go out to look for a job:

Employers could use new personality profiling software on jobseekers’ tweets to see if they are right for a role.

IBM developers believe they can successfully assess a person’s psychological traits by analysing the 140 characters they use on Twitter.

The software scans the most recent tweets, be it hundreds or thousands, to develop a personality profile.

Perhaps I shouldn’t worry too much. Beyond the very obvious indeed (“We feel that his repeated call for all politicians to be executed shows a certain psycopathy”) such personality profiles tell us almost nothing at all about the character of a person. For the simple reason that if you pick any five such profilers they’ll give you seven wildly different interpretations of the personality under discussion.

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The whole thing is about as scientific as chemistry was in the days of phlogiston or homeopathy is today.

On the other hand, despite such profiling being near total bollocks, it’s probably not all that good an idea to let a potential future employer find those TwitPics of you with your trousers down and a traffic cone on your head during the rugby club’s piss up.

Well, not unless your future boss plays for the same team.


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