Anorak News | Lee Rigby: Anti-Muslim Brigade Call For Death Penalty And Monoculture (Oh, The Irony)

Lee Rigby: Anti-Muslim Brigade Call For Death Penalty And Monoculture (Oh, The Irony)

by | 20th, November 2013



AT the Old Bailey, Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, who are charged with the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London on May 22. They both stood in the dock. Adebolajo, of Romford, Essex, asked to be known as Mujaahid Abu Hamza. Adebowale, of south-east London, asked to be called Ismail Ibn Abdullah

They are also each accused of attempting to murder a police officer on the same day, and conspiracy to murder a police officer on or before that day.

Outside the court a handful of far-right protesters from the British National Party and the English Defence League gathered outside the court building holding flags and placards.





That the RAF should be appropriated to advertise intolerance is odd. Among the shouters was Nick Griffin, eager to muscle in on a man’s barbaric murder to promote his own cause of division and the fostering of a monoculture. Others screamed for the end of the ‘Islamification of the UK’. That, presumably means not accepting Shariah Law. Another protestor carried a sign calling for the death penalty.






As that was going on, relatives, supporters and former British army Gurkhas were listening to speeches as they took part in a protest demanding a change to their pension provisions. The ongoing Gurkha campaign, which has included hunger strikes, seeks equal pension rights in line with the rest of the military for those who retired before 1997 and get about a third of the pension received by British soldiers.




“Where is your debt of honour?” asked the placards.

One day, if the bigots have their way, Muslims would carry similar banners that shame the country:

With more than 600 Muslims in the British Armed Forces, do those that are deployed on the front line in Afghanistan have to reconcile their beliefs in order to fight hardline Islamic Taliban militants?

“My home is the UK. As a Muslim, that’s the place I’d happily die for and kill for. That’s the same way it’s going to remain until my dying day. My entire soul belongs to the UK and I’m more than proud to fight for this country.”

Pte Shehab El-Din Ahmed El-Miniawi, is serving with 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment in Helmand Province, a Taliban stronghold and scene of some of the heaviest fighting in the nation.

He’s fighting fascism. The Amy and RAF do the same.

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