Anorak News | I’m A Celebrity Eats The X Factor: James Arthur Disappears Up His Own Bum Hole

I’m A Celebrity Eats The X Factor: James Arthur Disappears Up His Own Bum Hole

by | 21st, November 2013



Mic Wright’s Remotely Furious

HOW much money do I have to pay to have Matthew Wright change his name? I will take out a mortgage/sell a kidney/assassinate a foreign leader to make the cash required. The blubbering ballache is ruining this year’s I’m A Celebrity by becoming the go-to-guy for Bushtucker trials because he cries about everything. He’s a towering arsehole on his own talk show but obviously that bitchy veneer is just that: a thin layer of toughness masking a blancmange of bawling.

Still, regardless of Wright bringing shame on our shared name I’m A Celebrity continues to be one of the most entertaining and best produced shows on television. It’s the argument for an Ant & Dec channel showing old episodes of SM:TV LIVE and CD:UK alongside I’m A Celeb reruns. The decades that the pair have spent together have made Ant and Dec an incredible presenting pair. They make it look easy but what they do is actually pretty hard – live and on national television they joke, laugh and banter with consummate professionalism.

While my love for Ant & Dec knows no bounds, my distaste for Wright only grows. When the battle is Matthew Wright versus a scorpion, I am 100% TEAM SCORPION. Every year I’m A Celeb has a snivelling villain contestant for whom publicly sympathy rapidly dissolves. Wright is this year’s most pathetic celeb. Thank god then for the joyful stupidity of Joey Essex, the ridiculous positivity and dancing of Alfonso ‘Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Ribeiro and the appealing can-do attitude of Rebecca Adlington.

The X Factor followed by I’m A Celebrity is reality TV perfection. What isn’t quite as appealing is the antics of Mr James Arthur, who in his post X Factor fame bubble has revealed himself to have some rather nasty views. Criticised for dissing a rapper with the incredibly witty line “you fu*king queer”, Arthur has continued to plough further down into the shit with angry outbursts. His latest came on Wednesday night when he lashed out at fellow former X Factor act, Lucy Spraggan. Spraggan, who is gay, had published images of aggressive tweets Arthur had sent her.

Post-X Factor there are usually only four possible routes for former contestants – recording success (rare), light entertainment presenting (common), doing crap nightclub shows in Essex (very common) and obscurity (the norm). James Arthur is on course to add a fifth possibility: self-destructive bully who can’t see how harmful his homophobic slurs truly are. When gay, lesbian and transexual teens face bullying every day at school and many end up taking their lives, cheap comments from a singer whose fan base is mainly teenagers do have an effect. Whoever is managing Arthur needs to sit him down and tell him to shut up…fast.


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