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The High-Density Living In Hong Kong: These Pictures Aren’t Photoshopped

by | 22nd, November 2013

GERMAN-born photographer Michael Wolf has been photographing high-density living in Hong Kong.

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Why Hong Kong?

* “Architecture of Density was the first topic that made me think in depth about where I live and what it’s like to live in this city. I’d always lived in Europe where everything was very tame, and even in the U.S. things are relatively tame, even New York. Europe was too predictable for me. Paris looks like a movie set, it hasn’t changed in 120 years. You don’t have massive buildings like this, so I developed the topic and I sort of covered different aspects of it. Architecture was one in a whole series of different themes which all have the large umbrella of ‘life in cities’.. . If you go to Shanghai or Hong Kong or to any of the big Chinese cities you have this tremendous density around you.”


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Kenneth Baker:

Various images describe the facades of monstrously tall and repetitive residential highrise buildings, views cropped to make the structures appear as if they might extend indefinitely, upwards and down.


architecture Hong Kong


* It’s overwhelming to view the scale and enormity of the buildings, and then realize that people live there.




Michael Wolf’s book Hong Kong Inside Outside on Amazon

Spotter: Michael Wolf

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