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BBC Take Note – No News Should Feature Snow Photos

by | 27th, November 2013


WE’VE seen them a million times – infuriatingly dull photographs of the weather. Sunrises, rainbows, a bit of rain, some clouds… they’re all stars of boring snaps. However, there’s one weather system that rules the tedious roost – snow.

Snow, of course, can be wonderful, but for the most part, it makes for lousy images because of its uniform nature.

With that, a reporter from Colorado’s 9NEWS went a bit crackers by telling his viewers that their photos weren’t good enough and they need to start upping their game.

The BBC would be wise to take heed.

Kyle Clark pleaded: “C’mon, Colorado. We love winter. We own winter,” while showing a load of crappy patio furniture covered in snow, sent in by viewers.

He continued: “Are we really a state that takes the easy way out? We blasted a road through the Rockies. We put a cliff inside a Mexican restaurant…”

Watch his tremendous rant below.

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