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London Slaves: Let’s Defame Aravindan Balakrishnan And Beat Him With Sticks

by | 26th, November 2013

LONDON Slaves: A look at the slaves story in the news. No-one has been convicted, let alone tried for any crimes. But, still, the news media is feasting off the story of three women found living in a Brixton flat.

The Mirror leads with news of a death:



Ben Rossington yells:

Death fall at ‘slave’ house: Police probe woman’s plunge from window of cult suspects’ home

Slave house is now in inverted commas. Former Maoist activists Aravindan Balakrishnan and his wife Chanda have been arrested and released on police bail.

She plunged from the second floor of a terraced house being rented by Maoist cult leaders Aravindan Balakrishnan and his wife Chanda

Hold on. Were the three women enslaved or in a cult?

Sian Davies, 44, plunged from the second floor of a three-storey terraced house being rented by Maoist cult leaders Aravindan Balakrishnan and his wife Chanda.

Her cousin, Eleri Morgan, said: “She must have been trying to escape, that’s the only explanation for it. For years she was missing, we hired private investigators to find her.”

No. It isn’t. The dead woman fell from the window of a house Herne Hill, South East London, in 1997.

Her cousin Eleri told ITV News last night: “She was a vivacious, outgoing girl. She went to London to study economics then just disappeared.

“She had written home and said she was looking after mothers of the world – a group I was led to believe were Maoists. We knew they were keeping her away from us. The only time she visited was with two minders. It was Comrade Bala this and Comrade Bala that. Her letters were as if someone was saying, ‘this is what you have to write”.

So. She was with him of her own free will, then? And if you want an insight into the absurd language of the English communists, you can have a chuckle here.

In the Sun it is the “Death riddle over slave girl’s ‘mum’:.



Jonathan Reilly and Tom Morgan report:

A WOMAN who plunged to her death apparently fleeing a left-wing sect is believed to be the mum of lifelong slave Rosie.

Any  more facts?

Sian Davies, 44, broke her neck falling from a bathroom window on Christmas Eve 1996 and died in hospital seven months later. Rosie, 30, and two other women were freed last week while a Marxist couple were arrested in Brixton, South London. But Sian’s family claim she is the sect’s FOURTH slave victim who died trying to escape — and they are still angry they were LIED to as she lay dying in hospital…

Coroner Selena Lynch said the fall — from a second-floor window — was “a mystery — there’s no other way of describing it”.

Any witnesses?

Aisha Wahab — believed to be the 69-year-old Malaysian woman freed last week — told the inquest Sian had fallen after taking a bath. She said: “She went in and I heard her opening the window. Then suddenly I heard a woman scream about ten to 15 seconds later. I saw the window was open all the way up. I shouted to everyone and they came upstairs.” Aisha also claimed Sian herself had told them not to tell her family, saying “it would affect her mother’s health”.

The coroner recorded an open verdict due to lack of evidence.

We hear from Elerie again:

“He was god-like. They worshipped him. She called him Comrade Bala. But he was a weedy little man — I saw him at the inquest. A real weed, with teeth missing. I thought he would be charismatic but he was a horrible little man — I couldn’t believe Sian had fallen for him.”

Wow. Can we hang him yet? Or should we just continue beating him with sticks? Or how about allowing the police to investigate and presuming his innocence?


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