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Chilli From TLC Is Peta’s Dumb Animal Of The Month

by | 26th, November 2013



PETA’S Dumb Animal of the Month is ChilliĀ fromĀ TLC. She wants you to say ‘No!’ to the circus. Clowns must not be tolerated! Seals will have to pack up their horns and go freelance busking in the shopping precinct. Elephants will have to seek work as bicycle couriers. The animals must go!

To emphasise just how terrible the circus is, Chilli is pretending to be a tiger on a bed of straw. Unless that’s her real pelt and Chilli is all set to replace the Bearded Lady as the star turn? And are those her eyes? Chilli is the ocular ocelot. Roll up to see the woman who can all 360 degrees of the Big Top in a single glance.

Say no to the circus or else Chilli will rip your face of and eat it.

And, if you follow everything Chilli does, say ‘Yes!’ to wearing cow skin as belts and shoes. Only one thing can save cows. C’mon, Ermintrude, cow, get jugging!


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