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Isn’t This Lovely, Julian Assange Can Go To Sweden Now

by | 27th, November 2013


I THINK we all recall that Julian Assange is holed up at the Ecuadorean embassy in London, yes? Well, there’s excellent news about his case, he’ll soon be able to leave that and go off to Sweden to defend his name and his honour against the disgusting and scurrilous rape charges there.

To delve a little into history. Assange was and is the head of Wiklileaks, as we know. And they published a stash of US diplomatic papers that the US was really not happy about having published. So, Assange thought that they might be out to get him. Which they might well have been of course.

Then, after a trip to Sweden there were a couple of complaints about his sexual propriety while there. Actually, a bit more than that, an accusation of rape. At which point the Swedes, being pretty keen on prosecuting crimes like rape, served an extradition warrant for the UK to send Assange to them to be tried. It is a little more complicated than this but not much. Assange claimed that if he was shipped off to Sweden then he’d end up being handed over to the Americans. Which doesn’t, to be honest, sound like much fun.

So, Assange fought the extradition to Sweden and when that didn’t look like it was going well he skipped bail and took asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy. Where he’s still holed up costing us millions in police costs.

But, and here’s the good news! The Americans seem to have decided that they cannot prosecute Assange. For if they did they would have to prosecute the newspapers that printed his stuff. And that’s something they’re not going to do. So, Assange won’t be lifted if he goes to Sweden. Which means that he can go, doesn’t it?

And isn’t that great? It must be a terrible burden being accused of rape, knowing you’re innocent and not being able to get to the court to defend yourself. But that problem is now over and so of course we all expect Assange to be on a plane pretty damn sharpish to clear his name.

I mean, we did all believe the reason he gave for not going to Sweden, didn’t we?

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