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Spurs Balls: Daily Mail Ignores The Facts To Slam AVB For Not Being Harry Redknapp

by | 27th, November 2013


SPURS Watch, with Andre Villas-Boas. Today the Daily Mail’s Martin Samuel castigates the Tottenham manager: “What’s the beauty of being Villas-Boas? It’s always someone else’s fault”:


Andre Villas-Boas used to watch the game by crouching down on his haunches near the touchline. And then he stopped doing it. Isn’t that strange? People were making fun of him, but even so. If he thought it was the way to get the greatest insight, why would he change?

Sciatica? Getting older? Dunno. You, Martin?

Unless it was an affectation. A quirk, a gimmick to make him look brighter than he is.

Maybe he needs a prop, like Wenger’s coat?




Do you think people who squat look brighter? At my school there was one boy who said that sitting on the toilet was not ideal, preferring to stand on the seat and squat. Was he brighter than the rest of us or did his raised position just afford him a better view of the product? Was it just a gimmick?

After all, there have been some fairly successful coaches through the last century or so, and not one of them chose to observe the action from the perspective of a dachshund. So maybe they were the smart ones. 

This is a photo of RAFA Benitez seeking enlightenment at Liverpool in the manner of a King Charles Spaniel. Rafa won the Champions’ League.




Is AVB a bit of a dummy?

He certainly didn’t look it when that sixth Manchester City goal went in on Sunday. He appeared stunned, much as he did when West Ham United scored three at White Hart Lane without a striker.  He said the players should be ashamed. That is the marvellous thing about being AVB — there is always someone around to carry the can.

This is what AVB actually said:

“Every attack was a goal-scoring opportunity for them, we weren’t at our best and we have to be ashamed of ourselves after this. My emotions are not very important. I don’t need to point out individuals but to lose 6-0 is extremely embarrassing for anyone involved in that.”

You want more?

 “Everything went wrong for us from being one of the best defences in the country to conceding six goals, it is very hard to find an explanation. Our game plan and motivation was immediately affected by conceding after 14 seconds. After the first 20 minutes when we could have got back into the game, we lost control of the situation.”


“It is the worst defeat for all of us involved in Tottenham because we have high expectations and losing 6-0 to a rival tends to stick more. It is a bad moment for everybody. We can only look into ourselves and make sure we can go forward. My responsibility is to lift the players, there is always another game coming.”

So. No. He never did blame everyone else.

Adding later:

Tottenham may be flying in 12 months’ time — but this first campaign with a hastily assembled squad was going to be a challenge. Behind the scenes the shifting of blame has already begun, with Villas-Boas distancing himself from some of the signings. 

No. He hasn’t.

And then the clincher:

“One wonders, in his final season, what Redknapp might have achieved with even half the investment lavished on Villa-Boas, rather than a final January transfer window signing of Louis Saha as Tottenham’s title challenge faded.”

That would be the Redknapp whose Champions’ League bid collapsed so woefully? Or the Redknapp the tabloids employ?

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