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London Slavery Balls: Daily Mirror’s Rachael Bletchly Leads The Nation In Brainwashing

by | 27th, November 2013

LONDON Slaves: A daily look at the story of three women “rescued” from a life in thrall to a “weedy” Maosit. Now read on…

Only one newspaper leads with the story on  its front page. The Belfast Telegraph:


Meet Josephine Herival, a former pupil at the city’s Methodist College.

Josephine Herival


We’re told:

This is believed to be the 57-year-old Northern Irish woman who was held captive in a London home for 30 years. The woman pictured has been named as Josephine Herival, according to ITV News. She was featured in a 1997 documentary on the death of Maoist Sian Davies (44), who died after falling from a window.

Miss Davies died after plunging from the bathroom of a house rented by the couple suspected of holding three women against their will.

She must be one of those white slaves we’ve read so much about? Slaves like Maria, the girl “stolen” by gypsies, who wasn’t. Like the “Romanian child slaves freed in Slough”, who weren’t slaves, either.




One of “Fagin’s heirs” was under one. As with Maria, the State legally kidnapped the well-cared for and loved children. They knew best. None of the children were enslaved

So. Did the three women “salves” really endure a “30-year nightmare of captivity, servitude and unimaginable brutality”, as the Daily Mirror’s Rachael Bletchly stated?

How her hand must have been trembling as she picked up the telephone and punched in that 11-digit number. Had she memorised it from the TV documentary that opened her eyes to the horrific truth about her own existence? Had she told her two fellow captives what she was about to do, or decided to act alone?

Ooooh. Errrr…

Perhaps we will never know.

Or maybe it will all come out in a court case?

What we do know is she ended a 30-year nightmare of captivity, servitude and unimaginable brutality in South London.

No. We don’t know that.

We have not heard from the suspects Aravindan Balakrishnan and Chandra. Bletchly is an idiot. If she wants justice, she should watch her words. Innocence must be presumed. But Dear Rachael’s got an opinion to w ite for deadline. so she blathers on:

No known victims have spent so long in captivity. … have spent so long in captivity being brainwashed, beaten, manipulated and terrorised.

The Guardian added to the cavalcade of crap:

“30-year-old had never seen outside world”

Apart from when she was sending love letters to a neighbour and popping to the shops. And the other women got about and about, too.  This is the husband and wife “salve owners” and slave 15 years ago.


See if you can recognise Josephine:

And to that the news of a death and a monstering of the accused and you’ve got a story of slavery that is based on very, very little.

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