Anorak News | Woman Hid In Car Boot To Escape Drink Driving Charge

Woman Hid In Car Boot To Escape Drink Driving Charge

by | 28th, November 2013


THE car crashed into a wall in Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany, attracted police attention. What they failed to noticed that the car’s owner was in the boot – the 30-year-old had curled up to sleep off the demon drink and drugs.

She had placed within reach water and food.
Two days passed before the police found her. She’s now lost her licence.
Earlier this month, we read of Egidijus Sakalauska, a drink driver living in his car.  Sakalauska pleaded guilty at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court to drink driving on October 27. Sakalauska said: “I have been in the UK for three months but am living in my car. Can I still do that now I am banned?”
Claire Robinson, chief magistrate, replied: “We have heard you sleep in your car, but that is no excuse to drive it so do not be tempted.”
The solution? see the above photo…

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