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Nadine Dorries: Puts Her Own Front Teeth And Balls To Good Use

by | 29th, November 2013

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TORY MP Nadine Dorries tweeted a Sunday Mirror reporter who had doorstepped her daughter, as reported by the Mirror:

“Be seen within a mile of my daughters and I will nail your balls to the floor… using your own front teeth. Do you get that?”

Whoaah! So much for freedom.

Martin Cloake ‏@MartinCloake responded on Twitter: “Is Nadine Dorries’s suggestion an official part of the new press regulation plan?”
Jack Rivlin writes in the Telegraph:
Part of you wants to applaud her for saying something so brazen. In the age of the robotic soundbite politician, there’s something refreshingly human about an MP who loses her rag so publicly and graphically. But then you realise that perhaps what she’s trying to do is bully and shame the reporter, Ben Glaze, into dropping the story. Her other comments are more telling – she brands him “creepy” and “stalker-esque”. That’s how people with something to hide behave: they call their questioners nosey, they make them feel guilty for asking entirely fair questions.
The Mirror reported:

The controversial MP claims up to £35,000 a year of taxpayers’ money to employ Jennifer, 26, under House of Commons guidelines.

They allow for “secretarial support” at an MP’s Westminster or constituency office.

But when we told 56-year-old Ms Dorries we had discovered Jennifer lived in a ­Cotswolds village 96 miles from her mother’s desk in London and 89 from her Mid-Bedfordshire base in Shefford, before emailing a statement she took to Twitter to vent her spleen.


Ms Dorries last night claimed her daughter did the 89-mile journey from her home to the constituency office in 80 minutes…The MP said: “Jennifer’s main place of work is in the constituency, where she stays for some of each week. Her journey time is 1hr 20 mins. She does not claim from the staff travel allowance and covers all her own travel costs. Her journey time is less than mine from Bedfordshire to Westminster which is 1hr 30mins, as it is for all of my constituents who commute to London. I do not claim travel expenses and cover my own travel costs. I find your interest in both myself, out of 650 MPs, my daughters and their private business is questionable, irrelevant, bordering on harassment and rather creepy.”

And she know all about “creepy” having lived amongst creeping things on the I’m A Celebrity Jungle. Earlier this month, The Times reported on Dorries:

The Tory MP Nadine Dorries apologised to MPs yesterday for failing to come clean about her media earnings after being found in breach of parliamentary rules over her appearance on the ITV show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Ms Dorries had refused to declare to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards how much she earned from the jungle reality show last year because of a confidentiality agreement with ITV.

In a report published yesterday, the Commons Standards Committee found Ms Dorries had failed to abide by the registrar’s advice and had breached the code through her “attitude to the Commissioner’s inquiries” although she eventually admitted that the company through which she channels her media earnings has turned over £142,000 in the past year, making £82,000 profit.

The committee also recommended that Ms Dorries registers all payments in respect of her employment and “apologises to the House by way of a personal statement”.

Yesterday afternoon she made a brief appearance after questions on Syria to William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, telling MPs that she wanted to apologise “fully and unreservedly” for what she called an “inadvertent” breach.

Said Nails Dorries through her own teeth, allegedly…

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