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Norway’s Vertical Cemetery Offers A Cracking View Of The Dead

by | 30th, November 2013


oslo burial


WHEN you die , you will ascend. You will rise up in Martin McSherry’s vertical cemetery. The Royal Danish School of Architecture students has showcased his design at the Oslo conference for Nordic cemeteries. His work has been  commended as “a highly original contribution”.

He says: “Existing cemeteries will slowly be removed to provide land to the city’s living souls. The vertical cemetery, with its open front, will become a significant part of the city and a daily reminder of death’s existence. In time, the city’s tallest and largest building will become a grave for all its citizens – the city’s ever-changing monument.”


oslo burial 1


There will be distinct floors for all believers and non-believers. Muslims, Jews, Christians and more will be slotted in. Who gets to see out eternity above whom is a moot point. But, then, the cemetery will grow because it’s modular. It can be like a religious game of jenga. You just have to lean to slot in together.

If Ikea did cemeteries, it would look a lot like this.

And it will grow and grow, the tower of decay casting a shadow over the city, creeping up on you. Death is not something that happens to other people. It’s creeping up on you.

Still, some things don’t change even with McSherry’s design: the dead love to be buried with a good view.


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