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Spurs Balls: Is Graeme Souness The World’s Worst Pundit?

by | 1st, December 2013



GRAEME Souness is still talking about  Spurs in his dire Sunday Times column. This is the same Souness who opined on August 31:

Spurs raise stakes and shame Wenger

WE HAVE had two ends of the spectrum on summer transfers over the past few months from Tottenham and Arsenal: how to do it and how not to. The difference could prove the key to deciding which of them finishes fourth this season to secure the coveted pathway to Champions League football.

He now writes:

 Spurs must wish they could borrow some creative midfielders from Arsenal…

Andre Villas-Boas lacks such range and quality….

Their central midfielders are too similar…

And on he goes.until eventually he arrives at Manchester United:

If they want to see how quickly and simply a ball can be fed through midfield to make chances and goals, then I refer them to the masterclass Ryan Giggs gave against a woeful Bayer Leverkusen on Wednesday…

You may recall that Souness used his expertise to tell us before United’s tonked Bayer 5-0:

“They will go to Germany with the mindset of not getting beat – and that’s a strange attitude for Manchester United because their approach under Sir Alex Ferguson was to try to win every game…”

He adds:

Would a 40-year-old get in Barcelona’s midfield? In Bayern Munich’s? In Real Madrid’s? No, no and no.

Is he saying those clubs are ageist because they don’t have the remarkable Giggs? Dunno. But soon he’s back to talking down Spurs:

Bale does get in Real’s midfield and he has a star quality Tottenham’s recruits don’t possess.

Or as he said at the season’s star:

…Spurs have raised the stakes with their signings and I think the challenge to finish fourth will be greater than it was last season.

Adding today:

Tottenham are not going to make fourth this time…

And asking, as all pundit must:

Are they stronger group than they were with Harry?

That’s Harry Redknapp, who won nothing at Spurs.

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