Anorak News | Turkey Rules Swimming Goggle To Be Offensive Weapons

Turkey Rules Swimming Goggle To Be Offensive Weapons

by | 3rd, December 2013


GOGGLES are offensive weapons. So too are masks made from plastic bottles. A Turkish court says so. It says such items are “weapons”.

You might have supposed swimming goggles to be defensive items, used to keep water and tear gas from reaching the eyes. But the Istanbul court says they are weapons.

weapon – noun: a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage

It transpires that anyone who wore swimming goggles in clashes with government police over plans to build on the city’s Gezi park was armed and dangerous.

Says the ruling: “They had not gone to the Gezi Park to swim, since there is no swimming pool there.”

But it’s always good to be ready in case there is.




In defence of the Turkish regime, we recall the famous swimmer David, who topped the mighty Goliath by using his goggles as a slingshot to fire the locker token into the  giant’s face.

Other items to ban: wet towels.


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