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The FriXion Revolution: Virtual Sex Just Got Intimate

by | 3rd, December 2013

THE FriXion Revolution is here! Never again will BBC DJs and rock stars need to actually touch their fans and run the risk of an underage furore. With FriXion, you can rub and grope through your computer.

On the next generation haptic social network innovative and affordable haptic peripherals empower FriXion users to come together and touch each other in tangible, stimulating ways; from holding hands and kissing up to and including full penetrative sex whether your partner is across the room or across an ocean.


How does it work?

Use a simple and low cost wristband accelerometer that uses the motions of your arm or any toy to intuitively control a partner’s device. Mouse, keyboard, and smartphone controls offer a no-barrier entry to novel interactions.

The blurb:

FriXion, a project of The Sentidel Financial Group, is very excited to bring paradigm changing innovation to an area of life that has been relatively neglected by otherwise advancing technology. It is the perfect catalyst to push traditional boundaries and redefine what we consider sex.

Because if there is one thing the web has overlooked it is sex.


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