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25 Epic Slacks Adverts (And The Nunn’s Bush)

by | 9th, December 2013

MALE fashion is is often a cause for hilarity. But in the 1960s and 1970s, men’s fashion was serious business, no more so than in the slacks game.


This dude’s Dracon Slacks are “pressed for life”. You can nibble them or do your darndest to create a ‘crotchctent’ but nothing shifts the seems. Neville, of course, is a homosexual. But in the 1950s, no-one knew they existed.




The “game is Broomsticks” or as you might team it “gang bang”. We’ll see more of this brand of Slacks later.


broomsticks ad



Cotler’s Baggies are as windswept and serious as his Jed’s hair, which billows even without the bike moving. Mary is blind.




Go hunting in Impala Slacks. Stephen’s slacks have fallen out with his shoes. Maude has noticed that his sock’s don’t match. It amuses her. His mum always used to dress him.

impala slacks



The Cricketer Suit to shine your rock-hard leather balls on. He’s knocking the babe’s for six.

coun tryman suits




University Row, as in argument, of ehich there will be none becsue ever pai rof slacks comes with a cage for the little lady. One sniff your slacks and she’ goes wild.

university row



Angels Flight – “Always look a winner” as you pull all the headless women  at the disco. See how they run (to you).


angels right




“If you don’t want to play our way take off your pants and go home.


broomsticks 9



Is he holding a small banana?


broomsticks 6


Pete has BVD. That’s Big Vest Diorder.




Sue is laughing at Danny. He doesn’t know  it yet. The bag that goes no nicely with his Botany 500 suit contains a bomb. “Next time pack your own f***ing bag – your body bag,” thinks Sue.


botany 500



You see. Not a single arousal ever. These seams are tighter than  gnat’s chuff. You can be a leech and the poor, creeping, crawling dames will never know ho thrilled you are.


broomsticks 4



With Wrights you can go to any island – any island – and pull the native girls. The native guys are impressed with your funky strides not made from grass.

wright slacks



Todd is standing up in his Tads. The women are so vapid they actually float.




Brick Mason was just some why, retiring  lad, shunned by girls before he discovered Male Scrubbed Jeans Casual sLAcks. Now Brick is more of a man, playing the filed like a rampant Bull at an al fresco game of stud poker.


male denim




Jill likes Dan. Julie likes Steve. Amanda likes Dan, Julie and Steve. Steve likes Dan. Dan likes the girl behind the camera. They all love Campus.


campus 1



Jane is looking and wait6ing. But nothing. Nada. She is keeping her options open, wisely.





In his Jockey Slacks, he’s a player. the game is ‘Find My Fingers”.






Inserted because… Well, do we need a reason?

nunn bush



Jaymar slacks had the lot: Big Loops, Side Buckle, FRONT Buckle and Extension Waistband. The tie is the model’s own.

jaymar slacks




The perfect darts attire. Neve be stuck for the right darts-in-the-pib look again.





With Canton Slacks, the women will want to hide.

canton denims




Five hours she sat there as the cameraman filmed, never suspecting that he was made from wood.

broomsticks 3




T-Bells were made from bras for men who like “crotch ties”.

t bells




Poor Lisa. Sally got off lightly.





Trailblazer. Subtle. Too subtle. What can it all mean? Is the tennis player a ghost of her previous lover?


sex sells male fashion



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