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Madeleine McCann: Aktenzeichen XY…Ungelöst And The Christmas Lights

by | 10th, December 2013



MADELEINE McCann: Not much news on the missing child. But what there is, is here:

Daily Express, December 1: “Germans give hope of clue in search for Madeleine McCann”


Detectives hunting for Madeleine McCann have been given information about two German or Dutch-speaking men seen acting suspiciously before she was kidnapped in Portugal.

The paper tells of “potentially strong leads”, which are much better than potentially weak leads.

The potentially strong leads came after Kate and Gerry McCann made a direct appeal on a German crime show, called Case Files XY…Unsolved, in October.

Good. All information can only help. Plenty of Dutch and German holidaymakers must have been in Portugal at the time.

In German, the show is called Aktenzeichen XY…Ungelöst. The show was trailed thus (translation via Google):

Maddie – the name went once in 2007 around the world. Here is one of the most puzzling crimes of modern times. Madeleine McCann was just three years old when she suddenly disappeared during a vacation. Her fate is unknown to this day. The desperate parents turn today along with Scotland Yard to the XY audience and ask: Who can help in the search for our daughter?

So. Scotland Yard organised the show.

The hope that her little daughter Madeleine but is not alive somewhere. Six years ago, the little night disappeared from a holiday resort in Portugal. To date, she is swallowed by the earth. The tireless parents ask today the XY audience for help. They are accompanied by Scotland Yard, which has re-opened the case and actually came to a new approach. gets the case Madeleine McCann after all these years still a positive spin?

And after that, we get, as ever, to watch the parents:

The bitter emotions of a seventh Christmas without her beloved Madeleine were evident on Kate’s face as she forced herself into the yuletide spirit for the sake of twins, Sean and Amelie. She joined thousands for the annual switching on of the Christmas lights in her home village, of Rothley, Leicestershire, on Thursday evening.

She smiled as children played on a bouncy castle and went on rides, but there were other moments when the pain of not having Madeleine there to share the early Christmas joy was clear to see. With a protective arm around the eight-year-old twins, Kate was cheered by warm words from friends and acquaintances who quietly support her.

ITV, November 29:

Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, has suggested British and Portuguese police should join together as a team, in order to establish exactly what happened to missing Madeleine McCann.

After Portuguese authorities admitted last month there was enough new information to justify reopening the case, after shelving their own inquiry back in 2008, Commissioner Hogan-Howe said:

One thing we’d like to see in the future is a joint investigation team which comes under the European community. It is a possibility legally and we’re working together at a political level, at a police and judicial level, to see how we can construct that…

…So that’s what we’re trying to get; an agreement between the two governments and the two police services.

Such are the facts.

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