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Watch In Awe As Kanye West Shows You How To Remove A Heckler

by | 10th, December 2013

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LATELY, Kanye West has been making some bold claims as well as talking a lot of sense. Of course, most people look at him like he’s just some dumb rapper hyping himself up, while those able to read between the sneering edits and look beyond the headline grabbing one-liners can see that he’s aiming to become a Rothschild rather than Bigger Than Jay Z (he’s already more relevant that J-Hova).

However, aside from his philosophies, there’s nothing like Yeezy when he’s loud and direct, and you can see exactly that as he deals with a heckler at a recent show.

The lady in question was front row and reportedly shrieked at ‘Ye and asked him to remove his signature mask. No-one asks Yeezus to remove his mask.

And so, West stopped his show – part of his Yeezus tour – pointed to the woman and got her removed.

As the woman was being shown the door, he vented his frustration onstage. “Do I look like a motherf**king comedian? Don’t f**king heckle me. I’m Kanye motherf**king West!”

On top of this tour, Yeezy is apparently working on a new record, co-produced by Q-Tip and Rick Rubin.

You’re not interested in that though. You want to see and hear him shout at a heckler don’t you? Well, check out this Instagram video that captured the marvellous moment.

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