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Baby P: Tracey Connelly’s Hair And Other Evils

by | 11th, December 2013

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THE Sun is in danger of being labelled a stalker, obsessed with Tracey Connelly’s hair.

Connelly is of course the revolting woman who allowed her young son Peter to be abused by sadists as she surfed the web for filth.

Six years after the child died, Connelly is living in a bail hostel.

Today Andrew Chamberlaine views a paparazzi photo of the “evil” mum and writes:

The red devil – Evil Tracey Connelly drastically changes image

Our exclusive photos show her with her hair down and earlier tied up in a brighter shade. Last night a source said: “One of the girls there is keen on hair and beauty treatments and Connelly asked her for help. She has spent hours trying different styles and had a great time in the process.”

As disguises go, Tracey should discover militant Islam and wear a burka. The Connelly head is a composite blend of Krusty The Clown frizz, Hagrid jawline and styled in the manner of Mick Hucknell’s underarms.

The source added Connelly — who ballooned to 22 stone behind bars — has become obsessed with her appearance.

A source says: “Connelly hopes her new look will also help her find a fella. She has men on the brain 24 hours a day. The girls think she is a real maneater.”

And if the looks and hair don’t pull her a nutcase, know that she plays other “residents at Connect 4 and Monopoly”.

They are ordered to play to stop Connelly getting bored — but are banned from mentioning Baby P. The source added: “It’s as if Baby P’s death never happened.”

On Novembers 25, Chamberlain told Sun readers:

Baby P mum ‘desperate’ for new man – Tracey Connelly is ‘sex mad’

We don’t know if the two men jailed for their roles in the brutal death of a toddler are sex mad nor what they have done with their hair and weight, Steven Barker, and Jason Owen being men so not subject to such scrutiny. Owen was freed in August 2011 but was then recalled to prison again in April. How much does he weight? Dunno. But Chamberlain said of Connelly:

Freed Tracey Connelly, 32 — who ballooned to 22st behind bars — was last night described as sex-starved and “desperate”.

How desperate:

One stunt with a carrot left female ex-lags squirming at the bail hostel where she has a new identity. The source said: “She was in the kitchen when she held it up and giggled, ‘What does this remind you of?’ “It’s as though she sits there and just thinks about sex.”

Let’s says it again: Connelly is a hideous human being. It’s just that the Sun wants to monster a woman who is clearly a deeply repugnant person to all but the criminally insane. Why bother? We know what she is. The Sun looks a bit lame. Take the apparent fact that Connelly thinks a carrot looks like a dick. This from the Sun which back in July reported:

Pick your bone – Housewife finds strawberry that’s shaped like a penis

And on it goes. On Novembers 19, the Sun reported:

Carefree, smoking… Baby P’s vile mum – Beast’s trip into town..

Our exclusive photos — the first since her release — showed her smiling on a shopping trip, her once- black hair dyed blonde.

On November 15, Tom Wells reported:

She walked into town and nipped into supermarket Aldi, passing Christmas ad posters outside. Then she visited a nearby pound shop before returning “home” with her bargains…

She wore trendy glasses and her once greasy jet-black hair had been dyed brunette in a bid to soften her image.

Her image?

And then there was this from Louise Mensch on November 17:

Why can Baby P mum walk free when he can’t?

The question, it turns out, was rhetorical. Mensch says the world has gone “insane” and then relives some of the horror:

We are all haunted by the photographs. Desperate little blond Peter, with chocolate smeared around his mouth.

Blond. Blimey. It’s not just her hair that’s relevant, then. She then talks about Sharon Shoessmith, the Haringey social services supremo unfairly sacked:

 …we need changes in the law so that social work bosses like Shoesmith can be held accountable for what happens on their watch, legislate.

You might snort with derision at reading that in the Sun. Rupert Murdoch, who pays Mensch to write that, has not been arrested in connection with the phone hacking stories. Does the buck always stop at the top?  And is it a good idea to turn a rare and terrible cases of abuse into policy?

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