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Britain’s Loudest Christmas Lights

by | 12th, December 2013

LORDY Lights: A look at the kind of Christmas display that a Jumbo Jet, let alone Santa, can use to land by. It’s hard to believe these displays are legal, given the number of bylaws that exist. It;s also a surpsie not to see crowds of OPS stood about the light,warming their hands on Santa’s hat and Rudolph’s shiny red nose.



The Brailsford family’s Christmas lights display in Okebourne Road, Brentry.


PA-18459748 PA-18459742



Christmas lights on the house of Malcolm and Wendy Molloy in Alcester Road, Bromsgrove.




Eric Marshalls, 73, outside his home in Bagby, Noth Yorkshire, Eric spends up to three weeks erecting his display of Christmas lights which he has amassed over 20 years.

PA-18444941 PA-18444928



PA-18444819 PA-18444815 PA-18444811 PA-18444870 PA-18444853 PA-18444887



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