Anorak News | Kent School Kids Evacuated From Swimming Pool Amid Disabled Man Panic

Kent School Kids Evacuated From Swimming Pool Amid Disabled Man Panic

by | 16th, December 2013


PANIC at Aylesford, Kent’s Larkfield Leisure Centre. Teachers from Kings Hill Primary, near West Malling, fear there is a pervert in the changing rooms. By pervert we mean ‘man’.

An eagle-eyed staffer has spotted a foot sticking out from under a cubicle. The eight and nine-year-olds are making ready for their swimming lessons. The kids were evacuated. Were they dressed? Were they in their swimmers? Look away now, men, lest you be labelled a nonce.

With the kids free, the teachers returned to the cubicle. They looked inside. (Yeah, who’s the peeping Tom now, readers?) They found no man cowering, banging his head with his fist and demanding of himself “Why-oh-why didn’t I read the swim schedule properly”. They found a prosthetic leg left by a disabled man who had gone for a swim. 

The Mirror says the limb was “innocently left”, inferring that you can guiltily leave your false leg somewhere where children might see it. (It’s the Paralympic legacy in action.)

Kerry Thomas, head of Kings Hill Primary, says: “We had 60 children at the pool that day, although they weren’t all in there at once. One of the members of staff had seen it, and we quickly moved the children out, and everything was dealt with in accordance with school policy.”

As for the one-legged man who had his cubicle raided by the perv police, we imagine him swimming in circles whilst the kids point and whisper.

PS: If you’ve got a glass eye, why not roll that int the changing rooms?

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