Anorak News | Spurs Balls: AVB Was Sacked For £20 And A Dare

Spurs Balls: AVB Was Sacked For £20 And A Dare

by | 16th, December 2013

BEFORE Liverpool tonked Spurs 5-0 and in so doing saw off the pretty ineffectual Andre Villas -Boas, Olivia Brown, 10, of Wood End, Hertfordshire, executed her game plan to perfection.

Says her dad Des Brown said: “I said I’d give her £20 to give him the thumb to the nose and the twiddly fingers. Afterwards she came back to our seats and said ‘dad I’ve done it’ and I told her I didn’t see it and she said he just laughed and then she asked for her twenty pounds. Suarez isn’t the nicest character so I just wanted her to do it.”

If you bite arms and racially abuse people you get the twiddly nose fingers. The FA could learn a lot from Olivia.

The Bedfordshire News adds:

However, the snub only served to fire up Suarez as he went on to score two goals as Liverpool won 0-5.

It was her. Olivier got AVB sacked. Spurs fans can write thank you letters to the usual address.

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