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Watch The Most Complained About Thing On TV In 2013

by | 17th, December 2013


IF you want complaints, who should you go after? The working classes? No. They can take a joke and besides, they know corporations don’t listen to them at all.

Maybe the middle classes? That’d be stupid. They invented satire so they’d laugh it off, even if jokes at their expense made them cry inside for the rest of their comfortable days. How about posh people? Posh people are clueless and don’t waste their time watching television. They’ve got cellars to maintain and animals to shoot.

So, obviously, that just leaves the religious. The religious are a class of their own and every single one of them more sensitive than an emo with angry eczema.

And they came out in droves to make a Comic Relief sketch starring Rowan Atkinson as a fictional Archbishop of Canterbury the most complained-about TV moment of 2013. The Christians don’t like it when you mock them, even though it says in Daniel 9:9: “The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him.” See? Even God doesn’t mind. Unless he’s in a smitey mood.

You can never tell.

Either way, Ofcom received 487 complaints from viewers saying that the monologue was offensive after Atkinson claimed prayer “doesn’t work”. Presumably, Christians tried praying to get it fixed and nothing happened, so they went to Ofcom.

The regulator stated the sketch was not in breach of rules, saying it was justified by the context. Have a look at the clip here.

The most complained about TV show was, surprisingly, Big Brother who had 965 complaints. Seeing as the show couldn’t have possibly got near that many viewers, you have to assume it was one person who made 965 complaints all by themselves.

The second most-complained about programme was the X Factor results show, which generated 734 complaints, with 317 people complained specifically about Lady GaGa’s clothes. Seems flesh coloured leotards are too much for the kind of sadsack who can be bothered to actually complain.

ITV News was third on the complaints list, with a total 574 complaints including 278 relating to its coverage of the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby. In fairness, ITV News thrive on complaints, so moaning about them only makes their erections stronger.

Ofcom said it had received 13,780 complaints so far this year.

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