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10 Things Younger That Keith Richards

by | 18th, December 2013


TODAY, Keith Richards is 70 years old! We have to admire him, seeing as he’s about 1% blood and the rest is made up of cigarettes, drugs and urinal cakes.

The NME placed Keef on top of their list of rock stars most likely to die in 1973 and yet, somehow, he’s proven them all wrong by still being alive. We assume.

Of course, with such celebrations, most people would compile a list of Keef’s most scandalous moments, or maybe he’s greatest songs. They may even nerdgasm over his Top 10 Riffs.

However, those people are boring.

We’re going to look at ten interesting things that Keith Richards is older than. Yes, he may have looked like he was going to die on numerous occasions, but here he is, older than…


1. The atomic bomb, first detonated in 1945.

atomic bomb


2. Barbie who appeared in 1959




3. The Transistor Radio, which is younger than our Keef, first showing up in 1947




4. Mr Potato Head is younger than the Glitter Twin, being born in 1952

potato head



5.  The birth-control pill, first approved for use in American in 1960. The Rolling Stones invariably benefited from this.




6. The microwave oven, patented by Raytheon in 1945.




7. The Hula Hoop was born in ’58, making the iconic toy younger than our craggy old axesmith!

hula hoop



8. The cassette tape was invented by Philips in 1962.




9, Astroturf first arrived in 1965. Keef was already a star by that point!




10. Unbelievably, credit cards are younger than Keith Richards.

credit card

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