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Trouble At The National Zoo In Washington

by | 18th, December 2013

FACE of the day: A three-month-old Sumatran tiger cub named “Bandar” reacts after being dunked in the tiger exhibit moat for a swimming test at the National Zoo in Washington. All cubs born at the zoo must take a swim test before being allowed to roam in the exhibit. Bandar passed his test.




Such fan at the zoo. In November, a zebra attacked a zookeeper. The same day an endangered gazelle ran headfirst into a wall. Dead. Rusty the red panda executed an escape. But after two weeks trying to hitch a ride to – “Hell! Where am I from?” – was soon back in his cage.

Then there are the two hornbill birds that kept indoors shack for seven months because their exhibit yard wasn’t ready. After complaints, they were chucked in with a wallaby, which scared witless self-harmed (bloodied its nose) and tried to hide.

A red river hog was so malnourished it died of an infection.

The zoo says:

The recent IACUC report, spanning many months, assessed animal care management at the Cheetah Conservation Station. Specifically, the report reviewed the circumstances surrounding a vulture that briefly left its enclosure, the deaths of a red river hog and a lesser kudu, and issues with Abyssinian ground hornbills and sitatunga. Following the IACUC report, the Zoo’s staff and leadership team evaluated and responded to its findings. We adjusted animal care procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future and increased standards of communication among Zoo departments and staff. The response document clarifies and/or corrects some of the task force findings.

No take another look at that tiger enjoying the swim. And stand well back…

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