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Santa Claus Crucified In Texas

by | 20th, December 2013

TO Corpus Christi, Texas, where Santa Claus has been crucified by homeowner Aaron Olivares and renamed ‘SLAYER’ (geddit?). He says: “It’s December, it’s Christmas time. It is just a Christmas ornament.”
Maybe the pressure to have fun at Christmas got to Santa. Was is suicide? Did he just want to en it all, fed up and depressed at having to be jovial on demand?
jesus santa

Aaron adds: “The crown of barbwire is a little more decoration. It’s nothing offensive. It needed some lettering up there so I put the ‘slayer’ up there. It’s nothing Satanic it is just decorations for Christmas. I’m Christian, I mean there is a God and there is a devil.”

And there’ Santa.

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