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CV Bloopers: 54 Interesting Things Written On Resumes

by | 20th, December 2013


SOMEONE at Anorak Towers once scored a job on the strength of having a Duck of Edinburgh Gold Award. Her award really connected with the head of HR, who called her in and hired her on the spot. A few months later, and she was asked about her award. She just laughed.

Not everyone is as clever. CV Write,  pro CV writing company, has reported “some of the more ‘interesting’ things we have seen in CVs this year. Here goes. For anyone looking in with desires of working at Anorak (oh, the dream), we’ve marked the comments marked ‘A’ get you the interview.

I also like to boast that I can complete the Rubik’s cube in 2 minutes.

I am currently Falkirk’s Miss Personality. (A)

 whenever I have a blank sheet of paper I will usually draw a car in my mind.

I have been vegan since 1990.

given the opportunity I always love to put on a show.

I also had occasion to visit an imprisoned British Professor of Anthropology, while I travelled Bolivia. (A)

Having worked in the same company for 41 years,

I hate shopping with my wife!!!!!

 I have a creative flare (A)

I wasn’t the most comfortable in a classroom (A)

 I believe that I was different to the rest of my colleagues

I enjoy cooking and creating my own recipes which my wife enjoys, most of the time.

 May 2010 – December 2010                            Circumnavigated the globe

I have also had a brief encounter with 2/3D design (A)

 Last year I featured in a double page article on distance relationships for “Cosmopolitan”magazine

I enjoy what most men enjoy, company, a drink, sport and whatever that comes with it

 I worked as a car violator for a local car garage (A)

My dutes would include welcoming and appreciating prospectus customers

 Negotiating the price peacefully, but on a firm mental base.

NVQ level 2+3 in motor Vehilve Technology. • Accurate and fast typing skills with a typing speed of 35WPM.

 Test,check and reset photocopier perimeters

September 1992 – September 1996    Youth Hostile Manager   – SwindonTown Football Club

Hobbies & Interests:  Film, music, literature, Tarahumara ethics , oat sodas ,

I continue to add to an extensive collection of cigarette cards started by my Grandfather (A)

 My memory recall for parts numbers is exceptional to the extent, that I can still recall a full front end of a Mk 5 Ford Cortina. (A)

I am good at working large calculations out in my head.

 I am fully qualified at pray tanning and eyelash extensions.

Learning the trade was essential so I did a lot of by standing

 my father is a rare bird breeder (A)

I learn quickly and don’t like standing (or sitting) still doing nothing

 Fire martial

I like film, particulary horror, but don’t hold that against me.

 I love reading kids books such as Harry Potter

Interests and Pass Times

 My other interests include astrophysics

I also would have to answer the phone if it rang and I was closest (A)

 I sometimes have to clean up so I have mopped the floors, cleaned the friars and grills,

life is complicated enough without mistrust

 Career Brake

Accomplishments – Not much but a lot of debt. (A)

 My contract was terminated from here as I was told i was not up to their working standard.

Inboth teams I paly in goal this helps me make decisions in hard situations.

Kitchen porter and sue chief

2007-2013: Professional Gambler

I prepared the mash potato, vegetables and the vegetarian dish.

I also have a keen interest in Football unfortunately the team I support don’t ! (A)

Fault finding in-house cars after students messed up them up

What can I say, I love cars.

This position involved emptying bins, cleaning desks and hovering in the office areas

Duties include: Managing space and time

2001 – 2003 Irish Navel Service (A)

I now keep 2 snakes, a bearded dragon and a marine fish tank at home which I hope to grow in the future.


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