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Welling, Kent’s Anjem Choudary Helps The BBC Sell The War On Terror

by | 20th, December 2013


THE grandstanding and patently envious Muslim Council of Britain says the BBC was wrong to give Welling, Kent’s Anjem Choudary a spot on the BBC Radio 4’s Today. This, they said, gave the idiotic preacher “the oxygen of publicity”. The BBC has a big commitment to multicultural diversity, so if it wants to show a laughable Islamist benefits mullah speaking for the Islamist Benefits Mullah community, then so be it. So long as they give equal airtime to Nazi Benefit Vicars, all’s fair.

You could also argue – and we’d suggest successfully – that getting Mr Choudray and his bearded loons on the telly to tell us that the infidel must die is pretty much the best way of getting the great unwashed to believe in the War on Terror. Don’t restrict him to a segment on the Today show; let him present the thing.

Ostensibly, Choudary is on the radio because he’s the former leader of the banned group al-Muhajiroun and Lee Rigby’s murderer’s Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, have been to Choudary’s talks and demos.

Said Choudary on the infidel twitter: “I shall be LIVE on the Radio 4 today programme this morning around 8:00am. Please tune in and make dua (prayers) for Allah to help me pass the message”.

That will have to do until someone writes the great calif tweet. Choudhary might. He’s already coined Islam4UK and Islamic Emergency Defence (yeah, IED). Look out for his other twist on popular slogans, like I Can’t Believe It’s Not Nutter, Go To Work On A Beard and Just Blew It.

The MCB spokesman wonders why his community outfit wasn’t on the radio. He said: “This was a dishonourable act and no cause justifies cold-blooded murder. Mr Choudary is a self-serving publicity seeker and the BBC was unwise to give him so much airtime, unchallenged. He relies on the oxygen of publicity to influence impressionable young people at the margins of society.”

Publicity is a bad thing says the, erm spokesman.

On the radio, Choudary didn’t condemn Lee Rigby’s murder. Short of gurning and shouting at pigeons in the precinct, he pretty much did what was expected of him.  Choudary pressed ‘f9’ in his head and said: “I think that to talk about condemnation or to talk about how we feel is not the most important question now, and I’m not going to go down that road. I think that what is important is to learn lessons from what has taken place. Whether you agree or disagree with what took place, you cannot predict the actions of one individual among a population of 60 million when the Government is clearly at war in Muslim countries. I condemn those who have caused what has taken place on the streets of London, and I believe that the cause of this is David Cameron and his foreign policy.”

A BBC spokesman reactsed “We have given great consideration to our reporting of the Woolwich murder and the subsequent trial, and carried a wide range of views from across the political and religious spectrums. We have a responsibility to both report on the story and try to shed light on why it happened. We believe it is important to reflect the fact that such opinions exist and feel that Choudary’s comments may offer some insight into how this crime came about. His views were robustly challenged by both the presenter, John Humphrys, and by Lord Carlile, the government’s former anti-terrorism adviser.”

Yeah. The thing yet more ridiculous than Choudary is that two apparently intelligent men actually bothered to debate with him. They’re all as vain as each other…

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