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Are You Ready For Candy Crush, The Movie?

by | 27th, December 2013

WE’VE entered a strange time for films. Films everyone can remember first time round are being remade, Ryan Reynolds is still getting work and, weirdest of all, films are being made based on toys.

Now, of course, action figures and the like have ended up on the silver screen, but the Rihanna-starring ‘Battleship’, based on a coordinates board game, flummoxed everyone. What next? Well, to save us all from a ‘what’s next – [insert ludicrous ‘Monkey Tennis’ idea here] joke’, we’ll cut to the chase.

Candy Crush, that’s what.

The video game that has taken over the world is popular enough to be franchised, a la Angry Birds, but would a move to the cinema screen work?

Well, some japesters think so, making a parody trailer for a film about the sweet exploding game.

Have a look at it here. Apologies if you thought this was a real news story or, indeed, sorry if you have watched the video already and were dim enough to believe it.

The internet is filled with spoilers isn’t it?

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