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Life, Humanity And Capitalism Take On David Suzuki’s Mighty Ego

by | 23rd, December 2013


DAVID  Suzuki has a plan. He aims to “design a vision of Earth in which humans live within the planet’s productive capacity.”

His is the voice of doom:

Richard Metzger:

If you understand the concept of how “compound interest” works, and have even slightly more than half a brain in your head, be prepared to have a deflating “Oh shit…” moment when he gets to the not so amusing punchline.

Anorak disagrees. It is funny. Suzuki overlooks the facts that  population growth in Asia is falling. It’s now 2.1. In the 1950s it was over 5.

Might it be that the poor are no longer relying on a big family to bring home the fat?




Why are fertility rates falling in Asia? Our very own Tim Worstall writes:

…what he doesn’t get is that we already know how population can and should be controlled. Get rich.

It’s a very simple point: as incomes pass through some quite low point (I’ve seen claims that it’s as low as $3,000 per capita) then fertility slumps and lo, we have solved the population problem.

So, if you’re a worrywart about population then you need to be arguing for the best and fastest method of getting incomes in general above that point (whatever it actually is).

No, it’s not availability of contraception (although that obviously helps at the margin, but it is at the margin, only 10% of the fertility fall), the education of women (that is an effect of the rise in income, not a cause), gender equality nor even of economic equality. It’s about the level of income. Thus it is the level of income that should be targeted.

And we also know what is the best method of getting income over that point. Capitalism red in tooth and claw along with free to freeish markets. That Industrial revolution stuff. Neoliberalism if you wish to call it that.

Humanity is not Gaia’s virus.

As one reader notes:

David Suzuki. the multi-millionaire with five children and four homes is talking about the dangers of overpopulation and not living within the planet’s productive capacity? Someone needs to explain the meaning of the word “irony” to this scientist.

One thing that has grown a lot is David Suzuki’s ego. Peter Foster looked at The Trial of David Suzuki (see lead photo):

The event was a cross between a mock trial and a bizzaro Soviet show trial. In show trials the victim had already been condemned. In the Suzuki version, the environmental celebrity’s innocence was never in doubt.

The court’s stage set was a Kafkaesque vision in stark gun metal grey, complete with an oil barrel motif. Its most arresting feature was Mr. Suzuki’s dock, which was high above the judge’s bench, making clear who was in charge.

Are you a believer? If you are, catch David and his roadshow in a town near you – that’s them on the diesel-powered bus…

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