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Christmas Row Watch: Stabbed By A Squirrel And Other Seasonal Family Fights

by | 28th, December 2013

HOW was your Christmas? Did the family come over for turkey and all the trimmings? Did you play Monopoly?Incredibly, not all families get along at Christmas:


Nuts In December
beer squirrel

North Charleston police arrested Helen Ann Williams, 44, early on Christmas morning. Her victim says he’d walked to a store earlier in the night to buy beer, but the store was closed.

Williams grew angry that the man returned without the beer. She grabbed a ceramic squirrel and hit the man over the head… Williams then stabbed him in the shoulder and chest with the item.


Gone To Crock-Pot

To Jamestown, southern Chautauqua County, New York, where Bridget G. Putnam, 21, allegedly choked and stabbed a man with a kitchen knife after he allegedly turned off her Crock-Pot early on Christmas morning.


Colour Me Mad

color stab

Sgt. Curtis Wilson, of Richland County Sheriff’s Department, says that after a “verbal altercation” between the couple over the wedding colour scheme, the husband-to-be tried to leave the home. Then blushing bride 34-year-old Krysta James stabbed him.


Fritters Away
fritter fight

On Christmas Eve, Akron, Ohio sisters Contisha Q. Hayes and Tamara D. Delaney were having a “play fight” over an apple fritter. Delaney pulled Hayes’ hair. Hayes drew a knife and stabbed Delaney in the chest.


May Contain Nuts

peanut butter

It was Christmas Eve when 29-year-old Florida woman Rachel Byrd was arrested for throwing peanut butter in her brother Gabriel’s face. She said his dog has wazzed in the living room. He laughed it off. She tossed a spoonful of peanut butter at him.


How was your Christmas?

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