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Norfolk Police’s Sexist Moral Crusade Against Drinking Whilst Young

by | 30th, December 2013


NORFOLK police have produced this video on Binge Drinking. The country is ready for the big booze off. The New Year’s Eve drinking festival looms.

What does it all mean? The film points to misery. For him. For her.

Drinking does create problems. But this video is not about crime. This is about morals. Should the woman in the film not be free to go into a pub and do as she pleases, so long as it’s legal? Is it different for girls? Should women be less liberated than men, self-censor so as not to attract the wrong sort of man? Haven’t we moved on from the days when any single woman in a pub was viewed as being a prostitute? Is her short skirt not morally correct? Are women feeble, all waiting to be attacked? Are the police paternalistic fools?

Is it all about the demon drink, the stuff that makes you puke, grope, laugh and keeps the provincial town centres in business and vibrant, or about judging the young for behaving like adults?

This isn’t about the blight of alcoholism. This is about where and how young people drink. Given the price of booze in bars, the huge taxes imposed by the Government on alcohol and the smoking ban, it’s a wonder anyone drinks in a venue other than the park or their home.

The police want young people to be protected from traditional adult norms. They must protect the youth from binge-drinking themselves into depravity. As one member of the judiciary put it – Judge Charles Harris of the Council of Her Majesty’s Circuit Judges: ‘The trouble is, continental-style drinking requires continental-style people, who sit quietly drinking away at café tables, not standing up shouting at each other in crowded bars trying to consume gallons of beer at a time.”

The problem is not the booze. It’s you for not being grown up enough to play boules.

In 2012, David Cameron promised to tackle the “scandal” of drunkenness. Why? It never did him any harm to behave normally? Maybe it’s just the proles being drunk he and the other MPs worry about, rather than the smarter set who can afford the less lurid drinks? Hazel Blears, the then Home office minister, told us that she wanted to see a “continental cafe-bar culture”.

The Home Office says 900 lives per year could be saved by imposing a minimum price on booze;  the medical journal the Lancet thinks 3,393 per year.  Apparently, responsible drinking means limiting your drinking according to your budget.

So. Here it is. Norfolk Police’s method of scaring women:

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