Anorak News | Behold! An amazing T-Rex Optical Illusion

Behold! An amazing T-Rex Optical Illusion

by | 31st, December 2013

EVER vomited, hard, because something was screwing with your mind? Usually, it is an optical illusion that will do it, giving you a nausea unparalleled, to the point where your head spins with glee.

Optical illusions are, of course, rollercoaster rides for people who don’t like getting off the couch.

And so, to a mind melter which features a Tyrannosaurus Rex gawping at you and following you around the room, even though it is perfect motionless.


This wonderful two-minute long optical illusion will have you dribbling in confusion and scratching your head, trying to work out how it has been done.

If you suck, skip to one minute thirty to see how it was done.

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