Anorak News | Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson Shows Rare Honesty About Doing The Voice

Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson Shows Rare Honesty About Doing The Voice

by | 9th, January 2014


MUSICIANS aren’t known for telling the truth very often. When they break up bands, they cite ‘musical differences’ rather than ‘we all pretty much hate each other now and couldn’t convince the record label to let us have a break, so we’re going to argue about music until we can’t look each other in the eye’.

When they nearly kill themselves with drugs and booze, they pretend they’ve got ‘nervous exhaustion’. When they refuse to do promotional work for new records, they know that that, in itself, is promotional work and it works very well thank you very much.

And so, to Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson, who has admitted that he signed up to The Voice UK to sell more records. How about that? A straight-forward, honest answer!

He’ll be a coach alongside Kylie Minogue, and Sir Tom Jones which comes back to BBC One on Saturday. While Jessie J and That Bloke Who No-One Can Remember The Name Of, But Was Irish And Good At Earnest Nodding were absolutely guilty of spewing nonsense about imparting wisdom and finding talent, Wilson decided to give it everyone straight.

“I love my band and I want our new record to get noticed,” Wilson told this week’s issue of NME. “I know that everyone is going, ‘He thinks he’s going to sell more records and more tickets.’ And that is why I’m doing it. I’m not a f**king idiot.”

Do Kaiser Chiefs have a new album out and a tour to promote?


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