Anorak News | Pyongyang Choi Seongho: The North Korean Satirist Who Fooled The West’s News Hounds

Pyongyang Choi Seongho: The North Korean Satirist Who Fooled The West’s News Hounds

by | 8th, January 2014

AN update on the news that Kim Jong-un fed his uncle to 120 dogs.

The story was created by someone going by the name Pyongyang Choi Seongho. He said North Korea’s leading Kim had killed his uncle Jang Songtaek not by firing squad but by dogs.

One example of the satirist’s work says:

Today is Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day is the day for giving thanks to Kim Jongun. The American people eat turkey to thank him. What do you people eat?” It also includes a poster of Kim Jongun in sunglasses saying, “Don’t know how to be thankful, then you’ll get shot.”


120 dogs north korea

He’s a joker:

Liu Chengcheng told the Global Times that Choi’s posts impartially display the lives of Pyongyang residents but rarely offer valuable new information. “Choi reiterates the North Korean mainstream media’s exaggerated style and makes the news funny,” said Liu.

Beijing Cream notes:

“At my residence in Beijing, with Coke toast first to the supreme leaders!”

And with that first message on June 29, Sina Weibo user @作家崔成浩 – literally, “Writer Choi Seongho” – launched himself into Chinese social media fame. From the very beginning, as a self-proclaimed North Korean patriot, he has written solely to glorify the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and has attracted more than 480,000 followers while following no one in turn.

But all is not what it seems. Far from being a true believer in the Juche Ideal, Choi just might be this country’s foremost satirist.

Hong Kong tabloid Wen Wei Po picked up the story of Kim’s hounds.

Zhang and five cronies after being stripped of clothes into the railings into the 120 hungry hound biting northeast three days until eaten. The whole process lasted one hour, Kim Jong-un, North Korea more than 300 main-belt Li Xue officials watch.

The tabloid cited Pyongyang Choi Seongho as the original source.

Who does the research?

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