Anorak News | Sidcup Kent McDonald’s Bans ‘Youths’ From Being ‘Serverd’

Sidcup Kent McDonald’s Bans ‘Youths’ From Being ‘Serverd’

by | 11th, January 2014

NO youths are “serverd” inside Sidcup’s McDonald’s after 7pm.



What about the adults? Can the youths find a responsible one to enable nuggets?

In October 2013, a late middle-aged Jeremy Lyons was taken to court. He was accused of stealing a chair from McDonald’s and calling a policewoman a “dirty slag”. That same month, 22-year-old Jason Shepherd burst into the Sidcup McDonald’s wielding a samurai sword. Should that anti-youth sign have read “severed”? Is it less a ban than a promise that the place a refuge for the kids?


McDonald’s have issued a statement:

On Saturday evening, the restaurant experienced problems with a group of individuals causing sustained disruption to the restaurant, affecting fellow customers and employees. As a result, following consultation with local police, the restaurant management took urgent steps to try and prevent repeat anti-social behaviour. The wording of the initial signage displayed in the restaurant was incorrect and we apologise for any confusion caused.

The ban stays. The spelling was wrong.

So. There you have it youths of Kent. McDonald’s loss is KFC’s gain. Unless Operation Yewtreee have got the Colonel…

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