Anorak News | Nenuco Hell: Toddlers Fight To Feed Anorexia Doll And Jab Babies With Needles Full Of Serum

Nenuco Hell: Toddlers Fight To Feed Anorexia Doll And Jab Babies With Needles Full Of Serum

by | 22nd, January 2014



ARE you scared by the “Anorexia doll”? The Sun says there are “Fears over toy snubbing food”.

Daniel Jones reports:

HEALTH campaigners want to ban a new doll that refuses to eat — claiming it encourages anorexia. The interactive baby turns her head away when a child tries to give her food. Critics say the £34.99 Nenuco Won’t Eat set will make toddlers think that refusing food is normal behaviour.

Those would be the toddlers playing with the thing, who are tying to feed the baby?

Anita Worcester, of eating disorder charity SWEDA, said: “I wouldn’t want such a toy on the shelves. Promoting what is basically an anorexic doll seems unhealthy.”

SWDA is the Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association.

A spokesman for charity B-eat, which campaigns on anorexia and bulimia, said: “Research shows young children are becoming aware of body image at a much earlier age. A doll that refuses food is hardly a good example to them.”


Siobhan Freegard, of parenting site Netmums, said: “Anything which encourages young children to think not eating is normal is deeply worrying.”

Then prepare to be scared witless by the Nuneco home baby hospital

The Nenuco brothers and sisters have to go to the doctor! Little brother needs an X-ray and a cast for his broken arm. Big sister needs an eye examination and new glasses….Accessories include a full medical kit, doctor’s examination table, X-ray machine, cast, glasses, eye chart, dental care supplies, and much more.

Toddlers as doctors cannot end well.


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And what of the Nenuco Sleep With Me Doll and Cradle? Don’t sleep with newborn babies. Got it? How long will it be before a toddler gives birth and sleeps with their newborn because the Nenuco doll told them it was ok? Let’s not wait until a disaster, people. Ban it. Ban it now!

And there’s the Runny Nose doll:

Winter’s here and Nenuco has caught a cold! Nenuco Runny Nose Doll is all bundled up and her nose is running and gets red from the cold!

Don’t these toddlers learn anything at the Baby Hospital? The kid has measles.

And then there’s the changing kit:

This sweet newborn styled doll comes with her own special changing case and everything you would need to take care of her.

Everything… Apart from a supervising adult to ensure the baby doesn’t roll off the kitchen counter.

It’s clear to anyone sane that this new doll  – she turns her head away until the spoon is correctly aligned with her mouth at which point she eats the food – should be in the care of Nenuco Social Services Doll before it’s too late an she died from malnutrition or shaken baby syndrome…


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