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Forgotify, The Website That Plans To Kill Itself

by | 31st, January 2014

Forgive me but I think this is rather amusing, a website called Forgotify. The business structure of whic is that the more successful it becomes then the faster it will close itself down.

Err, yes,  that’s right. The more people use the site then the faster it will go out of business.

They’re here and the basic concept is that on Spotify there’s an awful lot of songs there that just aren’t being listened to. Really not being listened to, as in no one has ever listened to them on Spotify at all, not one play, ever.

Excellent, so, here Forgotify which pays you nothing but those songs which have never been listened to. Which is all very fun and amusing and we’ll undoubtedly find out why some of these songs have never been played. The one I got first up sounded like the creators had never bothered to listen to it actually.

So, super fun and all that. However, the more people got to Forgotify to listen to the songs hat no one has heard the fewer songs there will be that have not been listened to. And at some point of success then the site will have made sure that all songs on Spotify have had at least one play: and thus, logically, the site must shut down.

So, as I say, the business model appears to be that the more successful they are the sooner they will shut down. Which is, well, umm, odd when you come to think of it.

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