Anorak News | Eiffel Tower Nose Jobs Help Chinese Score Jobs In Paris

Eiffel Tower Nose Jobs Help Chinese Score Jobs In Paris

by | 3rd, February 2014

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“WE are influenced by the beauty of Eiffel Tower, we are not content to just add something to the nose, we reconstruct it,” says surgeon Wang Xuming.

The AFP reports on the Chinese surgeon who performs nose jobs on Chinese students keen to get a job in France.


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“It’s a classic monument, with an extremely aesthetically pleasing form, and we are trying to combine medicine with art. We hope this nose will become classic and will provoke the same feelings at the Eiffel Tower.”

Wang plans to take two young women who have gotten an ‘Eiffel’ nose job to Paris in order to have their photos taken with the real thing.

The story sounds a bit iffy. Are Chinese workers getting landmark faces in a bid to best fit in? Marble Arch of London Eye, madam? Empire State or Niagara Falls, sir?

We took a look at the Charm clinic in ChongQing. China. The sits features the “Top 10″ classical programs”.

Anyone heading to Texas, can order the Dallas:

Dallas Rhinoplasty is from USA and has a history of more than 200 years. Dallas has always been worshiped as the holy land of rhinoplasty, and always been chosen to hold global rhinoplasty summit meetings. Therefor, Dallas Rhinoplasty is the crown jewel of rhinoplasty in plastic sugery [sic].


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Oh, the fabled golden ration.


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