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Who Is The Cleethorpes And Grimsby Kebab Bandit?

by | 3rd, February 2014


TO Grimsby and Cleethorpes in north east Lincolnshire, where the hunt is on for the Pizza Bandit, who lurks in takeaways listening to phone orders before delivering empty boxes and pocketing the cash.

Hollie Belton, 27, of Grimsby, had ordered tow large chicken kebabs from Verona’s Pizzeria in Cleethorpes. A man arrived at her door. she paid him the £12. He then drove off in a yellow T-reg Ford Ka. She opened the box to find it empty. 

You might well wonder how anyone can mistake an empty box for a box full of hot , fatty kebab. But when you’re hungry, rational thought can escape.

Pizzeria store owner Mostafa Majeed tells the Grimsby Telegraph:

“He was asked if he was waiting to be served and he said he needed time to look at the menu. He walked out, came back in and started enquiring about different things – do we deliver to Grimsby and what is the minimum order to Grimsby. He then left before getting into a yellow car. All of a sudden we get a lady on the phone saying our driver has delivered a bag of rubbish.

“I replied to her that her order was still in the shop and was about to go out to her. We have never had such an experience before. I am sorry for the woman and if there is anything I can do to help catch this guy I will do it.”

Carlos Keser, owners of Mariners takeaway in Cleethorpes shares his experiences:

“We had a guy on Friday last week come into the shop acting really strangely. He kept coming in and out of the shop. He asked for a menu and then picked one up. He then left the shop and came in again. We took an order from one of our regular customers and my driver who answered the phone took down their address. This strange man then left the shop and got into a yellow car parked outside with two or three other guys. About 20 minutes later I got a phone call from the customer wanting to know why I had sent her an empty box of food. I was shocked, I could not understand what had happened. Her food was on the side about to be sent out to her. After I realised what had happened I told her that I will send her food out to her and will not charge her. I think whoever is doing this is causing some real problems for takeaway businesses. It is going to make people think twice about ordering. It is very worrying.”

Does anyone ordering two large kebabs think twice before ordering?

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