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Meet Yilmaz, The Dutch Soldier Fighting Jihad In Syria

by | 4th, February 2014

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YILMAZ, 26, is one face of the Syrian rebellion. When he’s not asking for M&Ms, Yilmaz is training jihadis, many of whom have never fired a gun. Dressed in his modified Dutch Army uniform, Yilmaz was spotted by Roozbeh Kaboly, foreign editor of the Dutch National TV program Nieuwsuur (NewsHour).

After eight months, during which they talked every day. Yilmaz felt comfortable enough to be interviewed. But Kaboly wasn’t comfortable enough to head to Syria. The interview was conducted by an intermediary. The exchange is predictably soft. But Yilmaz gets to tell his story.

He says of any return:

Knowing Holland, they should be worried about other things, with criminals and pedophiles roaming the streets, but I understand their fear, you know, it’s not that I have a wall and I don’t understand why these people are afraid. Don’t worry about me. I’ve chosen this path for myself, and even if I would come back I would just eat… maybe some sushi, have some Dr. Pepper and give my mother a big, warm hug, sit with the family. I’ve never been a violent person towards people who are not violent towards me.

You can find gaping holes in his argument. He’s not with al-Qaeda, but he likes some people who are.  In one blog post he salutes those fighting for the Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and Syria:


Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 10.09.15



In another, although he want everyone to see with their own eyes but deplores Muslims learning about Christianity. And he has lot of pictures of him and young children:


Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 10.16.11



He understands the power of media. And shooting people.

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Here’s the interview:


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