Anorak News | Baby Giraffe Could Have Fallen Into Bexley Sinkhole

Baby Giraffe Could Have Fallen Into Bexley Sinkhole

by | 5th, February 2014

Giraffe hole Bexley


THANKS to the Bexley News Shopper’s Khaleda Rahman we have a new unit of measurement; baby giraffes.

A MASSIVE crater the size of a baby giraffe in a Bexleyheath road has revealed only an inch or so of tarmac is supporting the street to the horror of residents.

Double-decker buses and football pitches have been the standard unit of measurement for an age. But some would say they’re old hat and no longer in keeping with go-ahead, modern Britain.

Although debate rages as to whether a baby giraffe should be measured in feet, hands, newfangled metric or cats?

As for the hole, we hear from a Mr Paul Davis, a “father-of-three”, and thus well able to discuss the thing. Says he:

“The size of the cavern underneath the road is just unbelieveable. If the drain controlman he hadn’t taken the action he did, one wonders what catastrophe might have happened [sic].”

And how baby giraffes on their way to kindergarten could have been badly hurt… 

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