Anorak News | Jersey Tourists Ride Double Decker Bus To Peek Into Woman’s Garden

Jersey Tourists Ride Double Decker Bus To Peek Into Woman’s Garden

by | 12th, February 2014

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SHARON Lovett, of St Brelade, Jersey, says ever since the double-decker buses were introduced in 2010 people on the top deck have been peering over her garden wall to see her relaxing in the her swimming pool. She say the problem began when double decker buses were introduced in 2010. She tells the BBC:

“You see the cameras come out and you see them run to the back of the bus, to the big window so they can get a better shot. There were no vehicles that could see over the wall when we moved in. We took it into consideration because we knew the house was on a main road. We knew nothing could look over this wall. It was also only single decker buses when we moved in. Realistically one step would be to move the bus stop so it does not invade people’s privacy. It’ s double decker buses every 20 minutes seven days a week in both ways.”


Tristen Dodd from the transport department replies: “The problem with bus stops is that when you move them, it may be outside a house next door.” 

Constable of St Brelade, Steve Pallett, then ads without a sideways glance: “The buses are a big part of the tourism season.”

And it’s a mystery bus tour, because, frustratingly, the BBC fails to tell readers what bus route Mr Lovett’s home and garden are on. You buy your ticket, you take your chances…

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