Anorak News | Who Is The Santa Monica Artist Calling Barack Obama ‘Sub Par’?

Who Is The Santa Monica Artist Calling Barack Obama ‘Sub Par’?

by | 19th, February 2014

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WHO is Barack Obama’s ‘Sub Par ‘artist decorating Santa Monica, Calif., with posters declaring President Obama to be “subpar” around a picture of the President using a gold club?

Obama has played 150 rounds of golf since winning the White House. Is that lot?

Anorak had long thought ‘I’m off to play golf’ a euphemism for much for fun times. But it turns out that Obama really does play actual golf. Odd. Where does he find time for the extra-marital shags, a drugs habit and other things we love in our elected leaders?  Some reports tell us that Obama can take anything up to six hours to play a single round. This is reassuring. If golf is about escaping the home – which it entirely is – Obama is playing at the ideal speed.

And what of being “sub par”? Is it meant to be a play on words, a comment that Obama the politician is not up to the task of leading, that he is below the necessary mark? But Obama’s a golfer, calling him sub par would appear to be a form of praise.

Joe Biden: “You shot that round sub par, Barry.”
BO: “Gee thanks, dude man. ”

John Kerry: “You shot the crap out of those jihadis sub par, B.O.”
BO:  “Just doin’ my job.”

Michelle Obama: ” Oh. Bazza. That lovin’ was sub par.”
BO:  “I still got it golden arms”



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