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Who Shouldn’t Host The Brits After James Corden Quits? Let’s See…

by | 19th, February 2014

YOU may have heard (and maybe celebrated too) that James Corden is going to step down from the hosting gig at the Brits Awards tonight.

We are legally obliged to mention Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood’s disastrous outing as hosts, but they do show that this is not an easy gig to do. Huge TV audiences. Band’s egos. A room filled with horrific music industry cokeheads grabbing their interns groins.

It’s enough to make a grown-up weep like they’ve just found an uncovered war grave.

However, there are some people knocking around who would be absolutely perfect for the gig. They can handle the pressure or bring a unique charm to proceedings.

Shall we look at our picks? Yes. Yes, we should.


Nick Grimshaw



Now, Grimmy has revealed that he’d love to take on the Brits gig. Corden reckons the job should go to Emma Willis. However, the music industry is notoriously sexist, so if they want to make progress, they’ll take baby steps by giving it to a gay man before entertaining the idea of Some Woman.


Alan Partridge


The video above shows EXACTLY why Alan Partridge should be the host of The Brits. Not only that, he’d slag off all the pop bands and get Wings to reform, just for the event.



Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman


Listen, the Brits has been hosted by too many awful, dreadful shits. Why not get two of the most likeable, laid back and funny hosts on TV and get them to do it? Richard Osman’s brother is in Suede if you need some industry angle.



Noel Edmonds



Why wouldn’t anyone want Edmonds to host? He’s a peculiar man who would make the whole thing really tense and, more importantly, he’d put one act in a gunge tank and set Mr Blobby on any act getting too worthy. It’d be gruesome and hypnotic.



Darth Vader


If anyone could stop an overly long or tearful acceptance speech, it’d be Darth Vader. You wouldn’t get Adele being snippy if cut off at the end of the show either. Vader would fuck you up.



Finn from Adventure Time


Want someone with enthusiasm? Want someone who would dissolve all that cynicism around the Brits? There’s only Finn from Adventure Time who could do it.



Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper would be a great host for the Brits, mainly because he loathes humans and has to get drunk, and subsequently naked, to perform before a large audience.



Dermot O’Leary


Big showbiz gig? Enter O’Leary, our answer to Billy Crystal (who hosted the Oscars A MILLION TIMES). Not afraid of a giganto live show and mental bosses, Dermot would slot into the show without even breaking a sweat. And he’d do a dance routine as well.


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