Anorak News | Scotland + Political Hot Potato = David Bowie Winning Kate Moss At The Brits

Scotland + Political Hot Potato = David Bowie Winning Kate Moss At The Brits

by | 20th, February 2014




LAST night, at the spectacularly dreadful Brit Awards, David Bowie won some award and sent Kate Moss to do his acceptance speech. In it, he signed off with “stay with us Scotland.”

Of course, what’s funny about that is, is that Bowie lives in New York, because obviously, Bowie cares so much for the unity of Britain, that he’s buggered off to live in America. He obviously missed the letter England wrote him, which said “stay with us, David.’

Naturally, Bowie’s flippant gesture has made a load of people really angry.

In an open letter signed from The People of Scotland, the Glaswegian author Ron Windward wrote: “Congratulations on your Brit award and thank you for your kind offer to ‘stay with us’, delivered so eloquently by your emissary Ms Kate Moss.

“I am really sorry to let you know that on this occasion will will have to decline your heartfelt plea, even though you obviously put a lot of effort into weighing up the pros and cons of both the YES and NO camps before arriving at your conclusion.”

That’s another thing – if you want someone to ‘stay’, probably not a great idea to let someone else say it on your behalf, in addition to the whole Living In Another Country Thing.

Over on Facebook, some scamp was less kind with their words, simply saying: “Fuck off back to Mars.”

And while this is all well and good, and not the first time Bowie’s said something political which has offended some people (remember – this is a man who gleefully proclaimed Hitler to be a style icon), but really, you have to bring up a more salient point…

…isn’t Scotland a more Iggy Pop kinda place?

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