Anorak News | Five Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Stuffs A Thong In Her Mouth And Simulates Oral Sex On A Bill Clinton Impersonator

Five Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Stuffs A Thong In Her Mouth And Simulates Oral Sex On A Bill Clinton Impersonator

by | 21st, February 2014



QUESTIONS everyone born in the 1990s is asking:

Why does Miley Cyrus, in her current show, “stuff a thong in her mouth and simulate oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator”?

Is it because:

a) Bill Clinton was unable to be there in person.

b) Who’s Bill Clinton?

c) Anything that stops her singing – thong in the mouth; a foam finger up the nose; a Yorkshire terrier hanging from her throat etc. – has to be a good idea.

d) John Prescott masks are hard to come by in the mid-West.

e)  Ann Althouse:

What I want to talk about here is a popular entertainer dragging this old story out of the shadows. Presumably, Miley Cyrus is either a liberal or would like to have the reputation as a liberal. She’s an entertainer. That’s the norm. I feel I need to presume that she and the people who design her shows do not want to undercut the public image as a properly leftish character — not too political, perhaps, but safely and comfortably in bed with the good people.

… apparently, some people are trying to help her position herself correctly, and now, in 2014, the chosen position is in front of Bill Clinton’s famously bent penis…
But what about Hillary? You’re making a show of disrespect for Hillary. Maybe respect for marriage is another one of those red-state values Miley needs you not to associate with her. Or maybe it means that Hillary herself is too old, too moderate to meet the needs of today’s leftish hipsters.

And yet, whatever you think about Hillary, giving Bill Clinton a blow job doesn’t connect well with present-day feminist values. Or is this the new thing, not giving a fuck about sex in the workplace? Could Monica Lewinsky ever emerge as a feminist heroine? “Feminism” is a receptacle of whatever meaning it receives, and the recipients are the women of today, an ever-changing group. The fusty oldster feminists move on. Hell, they accepted Bill Clinton as their champion back in the 90s when Bill’s inappropriate and in-fact-wrong relationship was first in the news. And Hillary herself was one of them.

There’s so much confusion of meaning here. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning and I only intended to address the question of what Miley meant. I haven’t even gotten to the question of why put the thong in her mouth, which was actually the part I found most puzzling. Maybe it’s all part of God’s plan.



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