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Daily Mail Scare Story Tuesday: Dying From A Broken Heart

by | 25th, February 2014


IT’S Scare Story Tuesday in the Daily Mail. Let’s take a look at this week’s ways to die:

Page: 13: “You really CAN die of a broken heart – losing a loved on doubles the risk of heart failure”.

Bad news for those spouses looking to murder their partners. You’re signing your own death warrant.

Pages 32-33: “Dial 999 today and you might get an ambulance crew with just SIX week’s training”

But there is not one episodes where these crews have not successfully treated the patient.

Page 34: “Perils of not wearing your hearing aid”

The Mail says not wearing one can lad to “social exclusions”. How, we’re not told.

Page39: “So that’s why sex is an anti-climax – No, it;s not your fault. From the Pill to bad circulation,  a health problem may be to blame.”

Health problems include: being depressed; being fat; being old; having less sex; and….shagging the w”wrong partner”.

Page 42: “Struggling to see at night… Sight losses progresses over years. There is no treatment…”

Page 49: “I know my Daddy’s so ill he might die”





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